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Investing Under The Radar: Finding Forgotten Sectors

Nobody likes to miss out on an opportunity – and it’s certainly hard to ignore popular opinion about the latest hot tech stock. That said, we’re staunchly in the camp of charting your own course and maintaining focus on your unique journey when it comes to investing. Staying ahead of the masses isn’t about ignoring the herd – sometimes the herd is right – but it is about not following that herd off the proverbial cliff. Historically, our approach has been to take advantage of the opportunities that others are disregarding (or not seeing at all). We’ve always led with the practice of doing the work required to comprehensively understand sectors when there’s no press around them and no one else is talking about them. Here’s how our clients benefit from our strategy of investing under the radar.

How Weber Global Management Successfully Bucks Trends For Our Clients

From unpopular sectors to leveraging challenges as opportunities, we’re not afraid to stick out from the crowd.

Finding Forgotten Sectors 

While the world is talking about the latest tech stock or digital currency, we spend our time researching and thoroughly analyzing forgotten or unpopular sectors to determine where there are opportunities and the right strategies to leverage them for our clients. At Weber Global Management, investing comes down to two things: research and time. It’s crucial to step back from the fervor and analyze how (and if) an investment will go to work for a client’s portfolio. Most people do not have the time or desire to do the research required to monitor investment positions at the level required to accurately time the crowd and avoid getting in too late or hanging on too long.

We buy-in when there’s no media attention or sectors are unpopular

Just as we are uninterested in why everyone is excited about a particular investment, we don’t shy away from investments that others may have determined are “bad.” In fact, sometimes that’s a sign to us that we should get interested, as it’s a sign that most have already sold or, at least, are no longer buying. This, in turn, virtually ensures that any amount of buying can cause prices to rise, which makes these investments more interesting to the masses who want to try to get in while things are moving upwards.

We aren’t in a rush.

As explained above, declining trends eventually reverse over time and we are willing to wait to get a big payoff. In October 2018, we identified record lows in option premiums on precious metal stocks. It would be an understatement to say these were investments that no one was interested in at the time. They ended up returning many hundreds of percent. Opportunities like these come about when you’re willing to look away from the crowd and see what they don’t see – and often won’t see until it’s too late.

We’re exceedingly comfortable where others are uncomfortable.

Weber Global Management is built on the collective experience of seasoned investors and thought leaders. Their reasoned, calm approach to investing provides their clients with the opportunity to tap into unique, under the radar sectors that provide massive payoff, without taking on the burden of the extensive research and monitoring required to be successful.

We’ve seen it happen to the brightest and best: without focus, money is at risk — and sometimes lost.