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The Brains Behind The Brand

What keeps you up at night? This might not be the question you expect from industry veteran money managers who specialize in ultra-high net-worth wealth management. It is, however, the question you’ll get from Chris Weber and Briton Hill, visionaries behind Weber Global Management, whose managed assets exploded from 17 to 150 million dollars in less than three years. Here’s how Weber and Hill’s expertise has resulted in the culture of a boutique, specialty investing firm with the power and access of a global investment house – to the financial benefit of their clients.

Chris Weber & Briton Hill: The Brains Behind the Weber Global Management Brand

Together, Chris and Briton provide a highly-individualized, world-class experience for their clients. Their approach combines decades of proven results, tireless research and unparalleled strategic vision, resulting in the ability to provide clients with an agile, personalized approach to accruing and managing their extraordinary wealth.

In Briton’s words, “we get personal, revealing your greatest weaknesses and using them to protect you from market forces that could easily spit you out. We zig when others zag, we time exits well, and we have the track record to prove it.”

Chris Weber, Chief Investment Officer

Financially independent by thirteen, Chris’s passion for investing, and for writing about investing, were hallmarks of his childhood. Chris’ innate sense for investing and desire to educate others on the subject led to his becoming a leading voice on investment strategy. Early in his career, he began writing for prominent sources of investment advice including the West Vancouver Economic Research Company and banks throughout Switzerland, Austria, then writing exclusively for the Foreign Commerce Bank and, later, The Oxford Club, a world-renowned investment newsletter. By his mid-twenties, Chris was a multimillionaire.

A veteran investor with decades of experience and a watertight history of sound advice and well-timed exits, Chris remains a perpetual student and teacher of the subject matter that has captivated him throughout his life. He travels extensively in search of undervalued assets and researching investments that interest him and shares his deep knowledge on the subject in his trademark calm and philosophical way through his newsletter, The Weber Global Opportunities Report. Established in 1970, the newsletter has become a successful, highly-credible publication, predicting pivotal financial events including the market crash of 2008 and showcasing the innate skill and strategic vision that Chris brings to the table as a highly sought-after investing expert.

Having successfully weathered multiple financial crises in his career, Chris is dedicated to ensuring each wealth management client’s portfolio is invested to maximize their financial return and considers diversification and asset protection to withstand market volatility now and in the future. Clients of Weber Global Management reap the benefits of this investor’s lifetime of experience and insight for their own financial security and protection.

Briton Hill, President and Partner

An investing prodigy from the age of seven, Briton began investing in gold during his childhood, the first step that ultimately launched his highly successful investing career. Like Chris, Briton’s talent for investing was forged in the crucible of the financial crisis. During the crash of 2008, Briton watched the value of the precious metal sector remain steadfast in the face of plunging asset prices, an experience that forever shaped his investment philosophy.

Chris Weber has long been an influence on Briton’s career. An avid reader of the Weber Global Opportunity Report, Briton credits Chris with preserving 75% of his own wealth through some dark financial times. Briton considered Chris a mentor even before launching their partnership, and was keenly aware of how their unique, but complementary, skill sets would allow them to position their clients for success.

As the spokesperson for Weber Global Management, Briton is a natural communicator with a shrewd and perceptive mindset. This natural aptitude combined with his unparalleled drive and passion for the subject destined him for a successful career as a powerful and innovative trader and investor.

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