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UHNW Individuals

Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) individuals, the wealthiest people in the world, are those with liquid assets of $30 million or more. Both individually and collectively, they control an enormous share of global wealth.

The greater your net worth, the more customization and high-level services you’ll require to maintain your chosen lifestyle and achieve your complex wealth goals. Weber Global Management specializes in the wealth management of UHNW individuals, providing long-standing expertise, reasoned insight, and established strategies to help our most affluent clients grow, preserve, and protect their sizable wealth and legacy.

Weber Global Management’s UHNW clients benefit from their prudent insights and recommendations tailored to each portfolio.

We empower individuals with this uncommon level of wealth to predict and pivot in the face of market swings, continually grow their net worth, and preserve their estate and legacy for generations to come.

Services for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals

As an UHNW individual, you’re different. Your life goals, financial picture, day-to-day lifestyle, and values likely differ profoundly from everyone else, even the High Net Worth individual.

Traditional wealth management strategies cannot meet these distinct expectations. To reach your goals, you need personalized, high-level guidance from experts in this niche of wealth management.

The global wealth management services Weber Global Management provides for our UHNW clients include:

Trust and Estate Planning

With enough liquid net worth to last a lifetime, UHNW clients should consider how they want their wealth to impact future generations and beneficiaries. Through Weber Global Management’s legacy preservation services, UHNW individuals can secure the wealth they’ve built to continue to be profitable for posterity. Weber Global Management can assist in setting up and managing trusts, providing financial education, updating financial agreements, and more.

Asset Protection

With such valuable portfolios, UHNW individuals need critical asset protection to safeguard valuable assets from lawsuits – even those involving family members. Weber Global Management’s asset protection ensures all clients have the appropriate insurance coverage that can protect them from claimants who may target the ultra-wealthy. The goal is to position these precious assets as legally inaccessible to claims.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management from Weber Global Management is founded in the Modern Portfolio Theory, which focuses on a long-term strategy of buying and holding assets. Portfolios are regularly reviewed and rebalanced to maintain appropriate risk levels and may contain a variety of asset classes, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and less common categories such as collectibles, precious metals, and real estate.

Tax Management

The wealthiest people stand to lose the most to taxes, so tax planning is a critical component of wealth preservation for UHNW individuals. As an UHNW individual himself, Chris Weber understands this unique position and leverage carefully evaluated and proven tax strategies to help his clients preserve their earnings. Utilizing legal strategies including pass-through entities and the gift tax exemption, he helps his clients minimize the tax burden based on current tax laws, but also based on possible future impacts.

Offshore Wealth Management

Offshore wealth management is another way Weber Global Management helps their UHNW individual clients protect their valuable assets and diversify their portfolios. Weber Global Management specializes in offshore banking and assets in Swiss banks, which offer the affluent the highest level of efficiency, safety, and security.

Your UHNWI Wealth Management Team

Weber Global Management’s Chief Investment Officer Chris Weber became financially self-sufficient at 13 and was a multi-millionaire by his early twenties. Having learned much of what he knew from closely studying investment newsletters, Chris went on to pen his own investment bi-weekly report, which swiftly became a linchpin of the industry. Still published today, the Weber Global Opportunities Report has helped thousands of investors, particularly those with Ultra High Net Worth, forecast market success and pivot in the face of swings. Through his own personal learnings and decades of research and global analysis, Chris developed a perceptive and discerning investment acumen, positioning him as a premier expert in UHNW wealth management.

Chris provides his affluent clients with Weber Global Management’s proprietary formula of meticulous global trend analysis, proactive risk management, and diversification to develop personalized, airtight strategies to both grow and preserve wealth.

Key Investing Strategies for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals

To deliver the returns expected by the ultra-affluent, Ultra High Net Worth investment strategies must be distinct from those of the average investor, or even the High Net Worth investor. The strategies employed by Weber Global management emphasize protecting the sizeable wealth already accrued while diversifying portfolios to continue building wealth.


While the typical investor diversifies through a smaller range of assets such as bonds, equities, and mutual funds, the UHNW investor should invest across a wider range of asset classes, including less common assets, such as art, precious metals, businesses, commodities, and real estate to maximize profit.

Profit Reinvestment

Investment profits may serve as additional income for the standard investor, but once an individual reaches UHNW status, these profits should be reinvested into new income streams, such as stocks or businesses, to fully leverage compounding interest.

Expert Advice

The most successful investors know that, while they may have some investing know-how, there is an increased level of both nuance and risk in UHNW investing with so much wealth at stake that necessitates specialized outside guidance. A wealth management and investment advisory firm such as Weber Global management can help clients with an uncommon level of wealth accurately predict market swings to both protect gains and secure wins.

Global Reach

Diversification on multiple fronts is important, which means spreading your portfolio out globally as well as among asset classes. UHNW investors are more likely to be world travelers, which is often the spark that ignites a more global portfolio reach. Through international investment opportunities, like Swiss investment banking, UHNW individuals have greater access to true diversification through their wealth management team.

A Resource for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals

Weber Global Management’s success in investing, managing, and protecting the wealth of the world’s wealthiest individuals boils down to its long-term approach, meticulous global market analysis, and multi-pronged diversification strategies.

By designing personalized investment strategies that align with the client’s personality, lifestyle, and fiscal goals, Weber Global Management has developed a reputation as a preeminent investment team for wealthy investors.

To learn more about how the experts at Weber Global management perpetuate their UHNW clients’ financial prosperity, reach out.


How many Ultra High Net Worth individuals are there in the world?

In 2020, we reached an all-time high of UHNW individuals in the world, with a new total of 521,653 Ultra High Net Worth individuals.

What is the average net worth of the top 1%?

To join the top 1%, someone would need an average annual income of $515,371. They would need a total net worth of at least $10,374,030 to be in the top 1% in the US and a total net worth of $936,430 to be in the top 1% globally.