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Britton Hill

Modern Luxury Q&A with Briton Hill

Crediting his multi-million-dollar financial success to the Weber Global Opportunities Report, launched by his partner Chris in 1970 and regarded as the preeminent global investment newsletter, fiscal wunderkind Briton Hill has quickly achieved the reputation as one of the leading ultra-high-net-worth investment strategists in the world. Weber Global Management’s status as the industry gold standard in premium wealth management and preservation for ultra-high-net-worth investors can best be attributed to its precise analysis on complex and volatile global market trends and in its concentration on diversification strategies and proactive risk management.

Q: What makes your process unique?

A: At WGM we offer a forward-thinking approach to alternative investments, such as precious metals like gold and silver, offshore account management, and living legacy preservation, in our steadfast commitment to preserving our clients’ wealth and protecting their lifestyles now and into retirement. Our investment strategies are fully informed by rigorous diagnostic analysis and meticulous prediction of ever-changing global markets.

Q: What kinds of clients do you choose to work with?

A: We work with a select roster of UHNW individuals who seek to further preserve their financial prosperity well into the future and are committed to playing the long game. Our clients come to us for our progressive and unconventional approach to premium wealth management.

Q: How did you get into UHNW wealth management?

A: When I was a teenager I began consuming every copy of the Weber Global Opportunities Report I could get my hands on, leading me to quickly become an avid investor and achieving financial independence by the time I hit 20. After that, I wrote a letter to Chris Weber to thank him for sharing his financial wisdom with all of us, which began a years-long back-and-forth dialogue and mentorship with him. Chris, noticing the parallels between ourselves, suggested we team up to launch Weber Global Management in 2017 and offer our elite expert strategies to UHNW individuals in the form of premium asset wealth management and the rest was history.