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We’ve been here for the long game, and we’re still ahead. That’s the Weber Gold Standard ™.

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The Weber Standard Process

We’re here for the long game. We specialize in Premium Asset Management, designing investment strategies stemmed in rigorous diagnostic analysis of ever-changing markets.

Know Your Weakness

The Gold Standard Process
Whatever it is, the market will zero in on it. Money Managers miss the point when it comes to investing. We take the time to align your financial goals with your unique personality. A strategy that suits one investor may be detrimental to another, particularly when in pursuit of ongoing returns.

Zig, not Zag

The Gold Standard Process
Investing requires meticulous investigation of political and financial trends to achieve success. After all, timing is everything.

Leave a Legacy

The Gold Standard Process
What reason is there to invest, if not to protect and perpetuate prosperity for future generations? Our approach to investing takes an ethical standpoint, ensuring your family (and their family, and their family) are looked after today, tomorrow and for every year to come.

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Weber Global Management are investors for investors. Chris is a living examples of multi-million dollar success. Complex, volatile markets means wealth should never be taken for granted, which is why investors globally look to us for proactive risk management, diversifications strategies and meticulous global analysis.
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