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We’ve been here for the long game, and we’re still ahead. That’s the Weber Gold Standard ™.

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Ultra High Net Worth 
Financial Advisors

As Ultra High Net Worth financial advisors, and as UHNW investors ourselves, we understand that with greater wealth comes greater financial complexity. We specialize in balancing the many unique needs of the uncommonly wealthy, providing financial planning strategies, reasoned investment guidance, and wealth management services designed specifically for those with over $30 million in assets.

Whether you’re focused on building your legacy, minimizing risk, optimizing tax savings, or formalizing succession plans, the preservation of your wealth and legacy requires thoughtful counsel from financial advisors with a high level of knowledge and experience in working with your level of wealth.

Weber Global Management provides comprehensive portfolio management and financial planning based on our meticulous analysis of unpredictable markets, evolving tax landscapes, custom estate planning needs, and your long-term wealth goals. Our strategies aim to reduce financial risk while building wealth over time to preserve your legacy for generations to come.

Meet Your
UHNW Advisor

When it comes to money management for the ultra-wealthy, there is an additional level of education around the nuances and complexity of a UHNW individual or family that only an experienced financial advisor who is also in the UHNW category can provide. As wealth managers and advisors with personal experience in the UHNW classification, we can relate to our clients on a financial level, giving us a distinctive edge in the money management space for the wealthy.

Chris Weber

Chris Weber has a lifetime of experience investing, and an exceptional track record to match. Financially independent by his early twenties, Chris turned $650 that he earned delivering newspapers into multiple millions in net worth. He has since used his experience and finely-tuned financial skills to help his UHNW clientele build their wealth and protect their legacy, accurately predicting major market moves including the Great Recession.

Chris takes a humble approach to life and investing, creating financial plans through his clients’ perspectives, aligning their goals and anticipated results with their personal long-term goals. He is also the author of the Weber Global Opportunities Report, a bi-weekly newsletter offering straightforward, prescient guidance for money management and investments in volatile markets.

Through his years of personal experience accumulating and growing wealth and understanding the forces and trends of the markets, Chris provides discerning, individualized financial advice to his select clients.

What Our UHNW
Advisors Handle 

Investment Management

Financial Planning

Our financial planning services start with your unique story, including your current financial picture, long-term wealth goals, and the legacy you plan to leave behind so we can formalize the ideal strategies needed to make these goals a reality.

Our financial advisors can help with insurance planning by assessing current and evolving risk and evaluating the types of insurance you may need, from disability and healthcare to property insurance. We can also create a budgeting plan for you and your family members so you can live within your means while accruing wealth. Your financial planning may also include education funding planning, charitable giving, and other customized services based on your individual circumstances.

Wealth Management

Ultra-High Net Worth individuals like you have needs distinct from the financial advisory needs of the average client, even those with High Net Worth. Weber Global Management provides comprehensive wealth management services that meet these unique needs, from estate planning and tax planning to risk management. We also offer offshore wealth management within Swiss banks, which provides exceptional global benefits to any client looking to ensure portfolio preservation regardless of economic changes.

How to Hire a
UHNW Advisor

In addition to our combined first-hand experience managing high-value accounts and portfolios, our financial advisors have also passed the series 65 exam, granting us the title of qualified Investment Advisor Representatives. We are true fiduciary partners with our clients’ best interests in mind – accruing wealth, preserving capital, and protecting your estate for future generations.

Before you select a UHNW financial advisor, you want a firm understanding of their client experience to ensure it aligns with your goals and expectations for their financial advising process.

Here at Weber Global Management, we provide a white-glove, boutique investment process that involves a high-touch, customized client experience driven by the realities of a UHNW lifestyle.

If you’re ready to work with a financial advisory team that deeply understands the intricacies of the UHNW financial picture and provides a seamless client experience, reach out to our team.

Financial Planning
Tips for Ultra High
Net Worth Individuals

Ultra High Net Worth clients demand a management strategy for their wealth that is as exceptional as the methods used to acquire it. Following standard financial advice by the book won’t lead to the distinct returns and protections you require. Here are four financial planning tips personalized to individuals with this high level of wealth:

Create a Customized and Comprehensive Financial Plan.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for this level of wealth, and working with an experienced financial advisor can help personalize a plan built around your needs and ultimate goals.

Consolidate Assets Under One Trusted Financial Advisory Team.

While many UHNW individuals believe that opening different accounts across various financial institutions will mitigate risk and diversify their investments, portfolio diversification comes from how you’re investing, not where the accounts are held. Consolidating your assets with one trusted financial advisor will keep fees lower, streamline admin tasks, and make investment planning more efficient and profitable.

Set your Children Up for Success.

Instilling financial responsibility is key to ensure your wealth lasts beyond your generation. This may involve monthly budgets for family members, educating them on financial growth and protection strategies, or teeing them up to become responsible business successors.

Utilize Gifts and Charitable Donations.

A great way to utilize surplus assets while also reaping tax benefits is through gifting and charitable donations. You may decide to set up philanthropic funds or max out your annual gift exemption to distribute your assets in a way that will minimize your tax burden.

UHNW Financial
Advisors at Weber
Global Management

We’ve Been Here for
the Long Game

Weber Global Management are investors for investors. Chris is a living examples of multi-million dollar success. Complex, volatile markets means wealth should never be taken for granted, which is why investors globally look to us for proactive risk management, diversifications strategies and meticulous global analysis.

Preserve your prosperity for future generations. Start your legacy today.