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We’ve been here for the long game, and we’re still ahead. That’s the Weber Gold Standard ™.

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Ultra High
Net Worth Report

The Weber Global Opportunities Report is a bi-monthly, Ultra High Net Worth report that is regarded as the most insightful and influential newsletter available in the global investment market today. Written by legendary investor Chris Weber, the report provides his unique perspective on market trends and opportunities based on his highly strategic and reasoned approach to investing.

What is The Weber Ultra High
Net Worth Report? 

How the Ultra High Net Worth Report Works


What Our Readers
Are Saying

“Chris, your update today is thrilling, amazing and almost scary all at the same time! It is thrilling to think that I may be witness to a major, major market turn. It is amazing in that thanks to reading you and some other fine writers, I can completely understand how this is possible. And lastly, it is scary as to what it portends for those who have not planned properly with their investments. And for darn sure, we sure do know where you stand on this call! I love it.”


Ultra High Net Worth FAQ 

What are the benefits of signing up for the Ultra High Net Worth Report?

The Weber Global Opportunities Report includes valuable insights designed to help Ultra High Net Worth investors pivot, prosper, and stay ahead of the curve, preserving your wealth and protecting your lifestyle, today, during retirement, and beyond. Having successfully weathered multiple financial crises in his career, Chris is dedicated to ensuring each wealth management client’s portfolio is invested to maximize their financial return and considers diversification and asset protection to withstand market volatility now and in the future. Subscribers to the Weber Global Opportunities Report reap the benefits of this investor’s lifetime of experience and insight for their own financial security and protection.

Who should sign up for the Ultra High Net Worth Report?

Ultra High Net Worth investors who are seeking strategic, reasoned advice that will help them continue to accrue and preserve their wealth and legacy. Ultra High Net Worth investors have a unique set of challenges and opportunities when it comes to their investment goals, strategies and risk tolerance. The Weber Global Opportunities Report allows Ultra High Net Worth investors to benefit from the guidance and expertise of one of the most influential American investors, who built his extraordinary wealth from his personal investments and continues to do so today.

About Weber Global Management

UHNW investors, their considerable wealth (and often extremely complex investment allocation) creates unique needs that are best served by a UHNW wealth management firm. At Weber Global Management, we have the experience and global resources necessary to ensure our UHNW clients are prepared and protected in volatile markets. We work with each client to determine their risk tolerance and develop a customized financial plan designed to preserve and grow their considerable wealth, while ensuring they are on track to leave behind the legacy they had imagined. Not everyone is capable, or equipped, to handle the unique challenges – or leverage the unique opportunities – that come with managing the extraordinary wealth of UHNW investors. To learn more about our resources and approach, reach out to us here.


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We’ve Been Here for
the Long Game

Weber Global Management are investors for investors. Chris is a living examples of multi-million dollar success. Complex, volatile markets means wealth should never be taken for granted, which is why investors globally look to us for proactive risk management, diversifications strategies and meticulous global analysis.

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