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Ultra High
Net Worth Investing

Ultra High Net Worth investors, investors with over $30 million in liquid assets, have much more to lose than the average investor, which makes a reasoned, comprehensive approach to their investment strategy even more critical to maintaining and growing their wealth. That being said, the critical step every UHNW investor should take is to secure the right wealth management team to grow and preserve their considerable wealth.

As the premier wealth management and investment firm for the ultra-wealthy, we specialize in the kind of investing strategies that can protect your portfolio, maximize your returns, and build wealth you can pass onto the next generation.

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Investment Strategies for the
Ultra High Net Worth Investor

High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth investors necessitate specific investment strategies that favor a high return, moderate risk, and preservation of accrued wealth. Some of our primary recommendations for best practices for High Net Worth individuals include:


Relying on Investment Experts

While the wealthy likely have some knowledge of investing, the nuance and complexity that comes with managing the wealth of a UHNW investor require outside assistance. This is where an UHNW investment advisory firm like Weber Global Management becomes critical, delivering specialized advice around global markets to accurately manage risk, predict wins, and protect gains.


Diversifying on Multiple Fronts

Unlike the typical investor with investments allocated in equities, bonds, and standard retirement vehicles like 401ks, a High Net Worth investor is more likely to diversify by allocating investments in real estate properties, private equity, hedge funds, and less common asset classes such as precious metals, art, and other collectibles.


Developing a Global Reach

Wealthy individuals are far more likely to have a global reach through their investment portfolio, a distinction that often stems from their extensive travel history, having realized the many attractive global investment opportunities that offer greater international exposure, like Swiss investment banking. This access is typically made available to them by their wealth management or investment advisory firm.


Reinvesting Profits

For the average investor, investment income is used for additional spending, but for the Ultra High Net Worth investor, extra profits are usually reinvested into new sources of income, maximizing compounding interest and growth.

7 Investment Mistakes the 
Ultra-Wealthy Should Avoid


Only Investing Close to Home

Investing in the U.S. and EU markets offers the security that many investors are looking for, but UHNW individuals take a broader approach beyond borders, investing in emerging markets like Singapore and Chile. The higher level of risk in these markets tends to keep the standard investor away, but when a UHNW investor can identify the right investment at the right time in these frontier markets, there’s potential for huge gains.


Only Investing Liquid Assets

While having liquid assets available can offer peace of mind, these investments aren’t always the best, and the ultra-wealthy know this. UHNW investors know the value of tangible assets like property, art, and commodities like gold and invest as such. These asset classes are less susceptible to market swings and can offer stability to any portfolio, balancing out market volatility.


Following the Crowd

While it can be tempting to keep up with the Joneses in the investment world, trying to match (or even beat) someone else’s investment strategies is not a proven route to building wealth. Instead, UHNW investors establish their own short-term and long-term goals, envisioning the life they want in 20 years and beyond, and then adhere to the specific strategies recommended to get them there.


Not Rebalancing a Portfolio Often Enough

The practice of rebalancing a portfolio is an essential part of keeping a UHNW portfolio appropriately allocated and diversified. This can happen quarterly, monthly, or even weekly, but what matters most is consistency – not rebalancing enough can cause a portfolio to skew undesirably.


Failing to Save

Part of being and remaining ultra-wealthy is a solid savings strategy. Even someone with massive wealth isn’t immune to life-changing emergencies, illnesses, or disabilities, and developing a savings plan alongside an investing plan will ensure an increase in cash inflows while reducing outflows to preserve a position of wealth no matter the circumstances.


Thinking Short-Term

If markets fall, don’t panic. Standard investors can often be reactive, panicking and selling shares when markets plummet to get quick access to cash. But a good UHNW investor knows to hold onto assets even when markets are down, relying on the reasoned guidance of their investment adviser.


Panicking and Reacting

With plenty of money to go around, UHNW investors may be tempted to develop short-term goals and achieve them through high-risk, high-reward strategies, but lacking a long-term plan is an amateur mistake that can be very costly. Instead, smart UHNW investors create long-term plans for their future as well as the future of their children and generations to come, creating wealth that can be passed on and preserved for many lifetimes.

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